Scientific Team

The continuous success of our medical services is based on our harmonic cooperation, responsibility, scientific competence, endurance and pride (Φιλότιμο). We work all days (when necessary including holidays), with passion, for the best results possible. Our team takes immeasurable joy when a couple is holding their newborn child for the first time and is that feeling that makes us strive every day.

Dr Nikolaos Manias

Obstetrician – Gynecologist

Dr Kyriaki Manolakou

Doctor, Lab. Medicine – Embryologist


Evgenia Birbili
Mihaela David
Eyridiki Togaridi
Xanthi Kerasioti
Emmanouil Manias
Manias Nikolaos
Kyriaki Manolakou
Dontsidi Christina-Ioanna
Pelagia Chatzimichailidi