Services of General Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic

We offer:

  • Specialized examinations and evaluation of the couple before conception, in order to ensure better quality embryos, reduced abortion rates and obtain healthier offsprings.
  • Pregnancy monitoring, with detailed prenatal control, genetic advice, prevention of chromosomal and congenital disorders. Estimation of cervical condition and premature contractions. Prevention of amniotic fluid infections. Reduction of the rate of premature birth. High risk pregnancies monitoring. Fetal growth evaluation, Non-Stress Test, Oxytocin stress test and Biophysical Profile in all pregnancies.
  • Safe and close monitoring of Normal Labor and Delivery, (or Cesarean Section, if necessary), prevention of complications of the women, newborns, and puerperium, teaching on breast feeding and psychological support of women.
  • Gynecological examination and attention of adolescent, reproductive and Menopausal women. We focus on the prevention of malignancies, (breast, endometrium, cervical, ovarian, vulvar cancers), viral or bacterial infections and cardiovascular diseases. Vaginal and laparoscopic–hysteroscopic surgery (if necessary).
  • Gynecological Endocrinology, Vaginal, Abdominal Ultrasound and clinical Breast Examination are provided in all women.