1. Integrated Investigation and Study of the couple’s Subfertility Causes.
2. Detailed History Taking (Individual, Family, Sexual relations).
3. General Clinical, Gynecologic, Ultrasound, Endocrinological, Metabolic, Andrological and Environmental Examination and Evaluation.
4. Study of Sperm Function (Full Sperm Count, Post-coital Test, Bacterial Exam, Special Genetic Tests (if necessary).
5. Investigation of the “PATH” of sperm-ovum meeting (Hysterosalpingography, Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy (whether necessary).
6. Study of the quality of ovum and embryo, either in spontaneous or in assisted cycles.
This is achieved by a careful examination of the ovarian reserve via a series of hormonal, metabolic and genetic tests as well as assessing environmental and lifestyle conditions.
7. Following a successful diagnosis of the CAUSE(S) of infertility, we propose the best course of treatment, (cooperating with the couple and with scientific criteria only). We consider the social, humanitarian and psychological components for each case.